Las médulas

Las Médulas of León


Las Médulas is a Spanish landscape environment formed by an ancient Roman gold mining located in the vicinity of the homonymous locality, in the region of Bierzo, province of León, They are located 144km from the city of León. It is considered the largest gold mine opencast entire Roman Empire.

The engineering work done for the extraction of mineral alteration involved the environment but resulted in a landscape of red sand, now partially covered with vegetation of chestnut and oak. It is considered a “cultural landscape” and it has the designation “Natural Park”.

This environment was declared of Cultural Interest 1996, in view of its archaeological interest, and Natural Monument 2002. In 1997 It was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. In 2016 He was named one of the ten most impressive natural spots in Spain, by Niumba, of TripAdvisor.