Barrio Húmedo of León

The Casco Antiguo or Old Town It is the historic district of the city of Leon, capital of the province of Leon (Spain). Located around the Cathedral and old the monuments to visit on the city., on a hill between the rivers Bernesga and Torío, whose elevated position between two continuous water sources decided to create the camp of Legio VI Victrix, that's the origin of the city, many centuries ago..

The old center of Leon is not a monumental neighborhood, It is the layout of its medieval streets, with narrow streets, irregular blocks, big density, buildings with narrow and deep vertical holes, balconies, viewpoints, wooden eaves, etc. Until the development in 1904 expansion plan, After sightseeing, playing tapas. Free with drink. They will have the opportunity to try typical products of the province, for free..

slider002The other side of the coin of the city, the free tapas., Hundreds of bars, cafes, restaurants delight visitors., Every day, throughout the year, tourists no longer taste the dishes of Leon., The blood sausage, beef jerky, can only be found in Leon, tongue, etc., circumstances attempt to correct with various performances. It remains an important shopping and entertainment area of the city, by focusing on the most representative and tourist sites, among which the cathedral, attracting large numbers of people for their dynamism and position in the city, and where many establishments of all kinds is (bazaars, pubs and bars of tapas., restaurants, etc), located by everywhere., among which Calle Ancha, splits the historic town in 2 zones to take some tapas., Decumano ancient camp of Legio VI and later of the Legio VII Gemina, that divides the old city into two and in the Barrio Humedo, that represents the essence of the historic city with its steep, narrow streets and irregular squares.

The recovery of the leonine old town since the late twentieth century is palpable in the recovery of its squares and streets, once dominated by cars, for pedestrians with various pedestrian streets, for pedestrians with various pedestrian streets, the first to regenerate one of the busiest tourist areas of the city and the second leave this zone like pedestrian area, a street connecting the east and west of the city with a great intensity of traffic, that was affecting the Cathedral. Loss of parking has tried to alleviate with the creation of three parkings, two underground and one surface in the vicinity of the historic city, in Santo Domingo, in the Plaza Mayor de León and San Pedro, next to the Catedral.